Total of 8 Teams

Group games will be 30 minutes each way with 15 minute half times.

Finals will be 40 minute each way with 15 minute half times.

Teams have been split up into 2 groups.

Days 1, 2, and 3 see teams playing against the other clubs in their respective group.

Day 4 Finals will see the 1st placed teams in Group A & B play in the Grand Final.

Group A & B 2nd placed teams will play off, as will 3rd and 4th placed teams.


Normal FFA Rules apply; with coaches being given 3 intervals to make substitutions. These subs can be made any time during the the games, and this does not include half time. Every player is allowed to be substituted onto the field during one of the 3 increments. Players cannot be subbed back onto the field once being substituted off.